GD01 Rifle Gimbal Head
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GD001 Rifle Gimbal Head Adjustable Tripod Support

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Heavy-duty rifle gimbal head for a precise shooting experience. Improve your accuracy and tracking with this rifle gimbal.

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Key Features
  • Smooth pan and tilt locking mechanism
  • Picatinny Type Rifle Mount
  • CNC Precision Machined from T6061 Aluminum
  • Sealed-ball bearings
  • Hard-andozied scratch-resistant finish
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 year warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Length: 10.5 inches / 267 mm
  • Width: 3 inches / 76 mm
  • Width with Knob: 4.3 inches / 109 mm
  • Height: 13 inches / 330mm
  • Weight: 5.58 lbs / 2531 grams
  • Max Suggested Rifle Weight: 40 lbs / 18 kg
  • Tripod Mount: 3/8"-16

The GD001 Rifle Gimbal Head is the epitome of precision engineering for the discerning marksman.

Its smooth pan and tilt locking mechanism provides unparalleled stability, allowing for precise targeting without the shake.

The integration of a Picatinny Type Rifle Mount ensures compatibility with a wide range of firearms, making it a versatile choice for various shooting disciplines.

Crafted from T6061 aluminum, the gimbal head is CNC precision machined, offering a balance of strength and lightweight design.

The use of sealed-ball bearings not only enhances the smoothness of movement but also contributes to the overall durability of the unit.

Proudly manufactured in the USA, the GD001 Rifle Gimbal Head is finished with a hard-anodized coating that resists scratches and wear.

This commitment to quality is further underscored by 1-year warranty, ensuring that customers can trust in the product's performance and longevity.

GD01 Rifle Gimbal Head

GD001 Rifle Gimbal Head Adjustable Tripod Support

Regular price $1,095.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $1,095.00 USD

Setup Guide

Getting you ready to shoot in no time.

How to setup the rifle gimbal head?

  1. Mount the rifle gimbal head onto a tripod. Start by rotating the base plate clockwise on the 3/8 inch mounting screw of the tripod.
  2. Next, lock the pan knob. Use the gimbal head as leverage to tighten a bit more until snug.
  3. Open the Picatinny-type clamp by loosening the clamp knob.
  4. Mount the rifle onto the clamp.
  5. Lock the clamp knob securely.

How to Balance the Rifle?

  1. Hold the rifle and loosen the tilt lock knob so the arm is free to swing and also slightly loosening the clamp knob.
  2. Slide your rifle forward or backward in the clamp until the rifle achieves the best balance.
  3. Once balanced, lock the clamp knob securely.
  4. You may set the resistance knobs to find a perfect balance between friction and easy of movement for best performance.